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Image by Marilee and The Sea

Why we gobble

WHEN: Thanksgiving morning 9am
WHERE: UBTech Campus (320 Aggie Boulevard Vernal,UT 84078)
WHY: Proceeds of this event benefit each year's recipient families! We choose local people in need and raise funds for them.

This event is the perfect start to your Thanksgiving morning!

It starts at 9am on the morning of Thanksgiving at UBTech college on 320 Aggie Boulevard in Vernal, UT. At the event, there are lots of opportunities to donate, participate in raffles, purchase gobbler merch, mingle and have refreshments!

Registration and ticket purchase are available prior to the event online and the morning of the race, in person starting at 8am.

The registration fee is $25 and 100% of the proceeds go to the families in need. The purchase of raffle tickets is also donated 100% as all the items for raffle have been donated by local businesses and residents! Gobbler merch and T-shirts are available for purchase prior to the event on the website. A limited amount of merchandise will be available the day of the race as well as vintage merchandise from prior years!

Online registration begins in September and will be open until the day of the race. Follow our instagram for latest updates!

Each registrant will need to sign a liability waiver which is included in your registration. Registrants this year will receive a medal and finisher prize while supplies last.

We are so grateful for each sponsor, family, runner, business and individual that participates in this event! We always say "little by little a little adds up to a lot." Any and all donations can help them get through the hard times but seeing the generosity of people around them will help heal their hearts. As a collective whole we an be a shoulder to lean on during some of their hardest times. Come participate in our comm"UNITY" gobbler run Thanksgiving morning!

Family Updates
Image by Nathan Dumlao

Save the date

This years recipient families will be announced 9/27/2023




Trevor Harbison

In June 2021, Trevor Harbison (a local to Vernal) started dealing with unexplained health issues. Back pain, and stomach problems lead him from one doctor to another without any relief or explanation. After having his gallbladder removed with no relief, he was sent via ambulance in March of this year due to a blocked common bile duct. Biopsies taken during surgery revealed stage 2 Pancreatic cancer. Although a relief to know the cause of his constant pain, stomach issues and weight loss, he had a long road ahead. Eight rounds of chemotherapy still rendered his tumor unresectable so he was sent to a specialist in Minnesota. He did several more rounds of chemotherapy and radiation to prep him for a major surgery to remove the tumor along with several major organs. 

During surgery, they were unable to resect all of the tumor as planed.  Trevor has undergone other measures to try and beat the cancer. This family is wonderful, if you have any questions on how you can help this family, contact us!


Justin Aiono-Mamea

In February of 2022, Justin (then a junior at Uintah High) was diagnosed with MPAL Leukemia. This type of cancer is a mixed “phenotype” which includes multiple types of the disease. Since his diagnosis, he has undergone 5 rounds of chemotherapy, each different and each designed to target a type of his cancer. 

As a member of a family of 7, this diagnosis was extremely hard on his siblings. They made countless trips to Salt Lake for treatment, one being a bone marrow transplant from his youngest sister Jade (age 13). The whole family rallied together as Justin’s underwent intensive radiation to prep for the subsequent transplant from his sister he is forever grateful to.

Unfortunately, his cancer returned this year and he is beginning more rounds of chemo to fight yet again. If you would like to help this family, contact us and we can get you information on how to help them fight!


Behind the Scenes


Randi Honeycutt

Founder "Does everything"


Annalee Foster

Radio, editing "The brains"


Gill Oostveen

Logistics, "The guns"


Kelly Morrill

Design "The Webmaster"


Meet the Gobbler Girls!

Randi Honeycutt and her husband BJ started this event over 10 years ago to support local families in need. Since, it has only grown and helped more and more families! "We don't HAVE to do this, we GET to do this," Randi says when asked why she does it. "Yes it can be hard to leave family and run in the cold on Thanksgiving morning, but we are going to show up to help those battling cancer, illness, tragedy or loss of a loved one. It's one day to show them we care. They don't get a choice. We do!" Gill and Annalee came to Randi's rescue just after the event was founded. Kelly has joined forces with the girls in recent years after seeing how being a part of this event can change so many lives. Since then they have created many many memories together helping numerous wonderful families in our home town. 

Each year these girls end up being the face of the gobbler because of all the time and effort they spend in the community gathering sponsorships, doing radio ads, creating and gathering raffle items for the event and taking care of the many tiny details that no one would even think about.

Although these girls help out in the open, there are many many local businesses and volunteers that lend a helping hand both behind the scenes and at the event. The gobbler girls always want to recognize each individual that plays a part in pulling off the Gobbler!

Every single donation, every single racer, every single volunteer and every penny donated makes a huge impact on these families each year. Little by little, a little always adds up to a lot!

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